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John Kabwe ChilekwaNews from the 17th Episcopal District

John Kabwe Chilekwa � 17th Episcopal District Lay Person of the Year

Bright Chapel Lay Organization congratulates John Kabwe Chilekwa, its immediate past Local President, for being awarded as the 17th Episcopal District Lay Person of the Year and for his election as the 17th Episcopal Lay Corresponding Secretary during the Quadrennial Lay Convention held at Ebenezer Temple in Lusaka from November 27th to 28th, 2009.

“Building on Our Global Legacy of Christ-Centered Leadership and Training”

We also salute Caesar Kalenga Kachusha the incumbent 1st Vice President for being re-elected as 17th Episcopal District Lay Recording Secretary.

The 17th Episcopal encompasses Zambia, DRC, Congo Brazaville, Rwanda, Burundi and Kenya.

For more information about the 17th Episcopal District, please visit:

CLO Legislation for General Conference

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Connectional Lay Organization Proposed Legislation Template

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2010 Fall Executive Board Reports

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The Connectional Lay Organization Mourns
the Loss of
Mr. Thomas E. Greene
1st Vice President

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Connectional Lay Organization Welcomes New Lay Commissioner

Bishop C. Garnett Henning

Since the late 70s, the Rt. Rev. C. Garnett Henning’s vision, ministry and leadership have been respected on the North American and African continents.

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47th Quadrennial Session of the General Conference

The Connectional Lay Organization of the African Methodist Episcopal Church was proud to sponsor a Lay Organization Awareness Booth at the 47th Quadrennial Session of the General Conference (Booth #511) from June 30th � July 7th, 2004 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Featured training tools necessary for the survival of ALL laymen were: Featuring (Necessary survival/training tools)

  • Lay Study Guide
  • Study Guide Supplement
  • Chaplain�s Meditative Manual (24 Bible studies/Devotions paralleling the Connectional Theme)
  • Parliamentary Procedural Manual � Parliamentary Procedures Made Simple
  • Updated Lay Handbook (Copies may be reserved pending updates from the General Conference)
  • Presidential Training Video

Thank you for stopping by as the LAY ORGANIZATION continued to “Sow Seeds Beyond the Walls!”

V-Alert (A Voters� Mobilization Project)

Not just a difference, but we must make the difference. As a community of believers, we, in the African Methodist Episcopal Church, have the power to make the 2004 election count� for our children, our community and our Church. It is our legacy!

The African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church, the nations� oldest black church denomination, is continuing its drive to push for voter education and voter mobilization through the Connectional Lay Organization. President Jesse L. Burns, Jr., Connectional Lay Organization, commissioned a core group of laypersons to “quickly retool and use every form of communication necessary to inform and mobilize the church to vote on November 2, 2004.” The project coordinators developed several documents that were used to inspire and encourage voter turnout. “It is consistent with the AME commitment to self-help, self-reliance, and self-determination,” Burns stated. He further emphasized that there is more at stake than just the presidential race. “Included in this election was the selection of candidates for our executive and legislative branch which ultimately will affect the selection of Supreme Court justices. Remember, this election will affect your future.”

President Burns also encouraged young people to exercise their basic civil right and vote for the candidates of their choice. He also asked that young people encourage at least five others to follow their lead� “and it doesn�t cost anything�other than your time” he stated. He also advised that members watch the televised debates to become more familiar with the candidates.

We must not waste this opportunity to give voice to our needs and concerns. On November 2, 2004, we moved our initiatives into real action by going to the polls and casting our vote. If we are to be recognized as a formidable force within our nation, then it is crucial that we turn out in large numbers to vote. Now is our greatest opportunity to generate enough momentum to create an atmosphere that � because of our large voter turnout � will provide us with influence in not only the White House but the State House too.

However, to be the difference in determining the quality of education in the 21st century, we must vote. To be the difference in determining whether racial profiling continues to be an all-too-read, yet undocumented reality for Blacks, we must vote. To be the difference in determining whether the federal government will work to expand and ensure economic opportunities for all Americans, we must vote.

BOTTOM LINE: IF you have the right to vote, use it. Young and old, rich and poor, you and I, by bus or car must get to the poll to cast our vote.

The Connectional Lay Organization is working ’round the clock to help local organization with voter information and mobilization tools. Whatever it takes to get out the vote, as the body of Christ, let�s just do it!

AME V-Alert Coordinators
Mr. Carl Davis, Mrs. Annette Jones, Mr. Reginald McGill, and Mrs. Jackie Dupont-Walker

Connectional Lay Organization
Fall Executive Board Meeting
Las Vegas, Nevada

For two days, in a city labeled as the “City that Never Sleeps” and termed as the “Entertainment Capital of the World”, members of the Connectional Lay Organization, under the leadership of President Jesse L. Burns, Jr., stepped out of the box and found their way to Las Vegas, Nevada (nestled within the 5th Episcopal District) to host its Fall Executive Board Meeting.

The Executive Board Meeting unofficially began on October 28, 2004 with a retreat designed for the Episcopal District Presidents. Thirteen of the twenty Episcopal District Presidents attended an informative session lead by Dr. Dorothy Vails-Weber, Ed.D. Dr. Vails-Weber began the session with a workshop entitled: “Relationship Building.” Using the Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation (FIRO-B), she led the members through activities which better equipped them to move forward in the 21st Century.

On Friday, Mr. Roosevelt Mitchell, Chaplain, began the regular session with devotion and Bible study. The Executive Board Members of the Connectional Lay Organization officially welcomed Bishop Samuel L. Green, Sr., the new Commission Chairman. After listening to insightful greetings from Bishop Green, various reports inclusive of the auditor�s report, Disaster Relief, Morris Brown, CLEDC, and the Constitution and By-Laws followed throughout the morning. The afternoon session which also encompassed reports was equally filled with informative reports of stewardship.

The Fifth Episcopal District, Tom Sutton �President, provided an eloquent reception following the afternoon session. During the evening session, members continued to hear reports from the various components of the organization.

The Board Meeting culminated on Saturday morning its members were refreshed and eager to undertake the challenges set forth which will pave the way for them to “Sow Seeds Beyond the Walls.”

Summer 2004

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» Current News News from the 17th Episcopal District John Kabwe Chilekwa � 17th Episcopal District Lay Person of the Year Bright Chapel Lay Organization congratulates John Kabwe Chilekwa, its immediate past Local President, for being awarded as the 17th Episcopal District Lay Person of the Year and for his election as the 17th Episcopal Lay


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